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The new Lakewood Handbook 2016 is available now


The new Lakewood Handbook 2016 is available now

It is finally there - the new Lakewood Handbook 2016! Many of you have been waiting for it with enthusiasm and we have done our very best to make an informative and entertaining guitar catalog. 

The Lakewood Handbook is called a "handbook", because we want to serve you much more than just offering some kind of product catalog. We take you on a journey into the world of Lakewood guitar series and their models. You can have a look at feature lists and specific appointments, but also just browse the beautiful photography.

Furthermore, on the pages of the Lakewood Customshop you will find comprehensive lists of features with sample photography for each of the numerous options you can pick from in order to get an individual guitar just made for you. You will be surprised of the variety.
And besides all this you will learn a lot about guitar making, because we supply many explanations and footage.

Since we have our 30th anniversary this year we weaved in some editorial parts throughout the over 120 pages thick handbook. There's stories about the very beginnings and about our philosophy and the way we think about guitar making. Surely an interesting insight for you.

The Lakewood Handbook is available through your local Lakewood dealer or through the distributor in your country.
If you prefer, you can also just download the digital version of the Handbook in the download area as a PDF file.

We wish you much joy when browsing the book. Best regards!

(pubblicato: 23/04/2016)