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New in Guitar-Designer: Order request & order code


New in Guitar-Designer: Order request & order code

With a small and fine new feature we're from now on enhancing the Guitar-Designer, our 3D configuration tool for designing Customshop guitars built to order of our customers. This feature will make it an even more customer orientated and friendly tool.

After you have been working on a new design of your very personal Lakewood Customshop guitar for maybe weeks and months, an order can be triggered and tracked much easier now.
Underneath the display window that shows the 3D animation of the guitar is a new button called "Place order request". By using this button you can now contact a dealer straight forward with your wish to order the guitar that you have designed. The request will be sent to the dealer by email that also contains all guitar details.

After agreeing with the dealer on all key points, the dealer orders your guitar from us with an order code that is generated during this process. This order code is a 6-digit code consisting of letters and numbers.

What's new: Before we start building the guitar, you will receive an email from us with a personal Internet link that will take you to the Customshop Monitor - a summary page that shows the entire order and making process and tells you the progress of your order. After you have reviewed the feature list of the guitar you will be the one that personally gives the approval to start the building process.

What's the reason of the new feature?
We would like to make the overall process

  1. safer,
  2. more transparent and
  3. with a better involvement of the customer.

There are a couple of new perspectives opening up at the same time that will take you as a customer even closer to the making process of your guitar. We'd like to involve you by photos and keep you better informed about all side information as well as all the working steps while we are making your guitar.
We continue to work on our vision to have a significantly improved customer service that exploits the possibilities of the digital world.

(pubblicato: 31/07/2019)