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Social media


social mediaSocial networks are a vital medium for communication in these times. They offer a lot of fun, entertainment and dissemination of information. They are not perfectly suited for every purpose, however...



Facebook has become a platform which cannot be avoided. Everyone is connected to (almost) everyone else and news spreads like wildfire. We are pleased to be so closely connected to you and look forward to the interaction.
We use Facebook for a range of entertainment, videos, photos, links to musicians or to other manufacturers. But should you require specific information as to prices, availability, detailed feature choices or extensive archive pictures, these will be available only on this website. Also, certain items such as, for example, news applicable only to a certain country, will only appear here. So please do make use of both – the Lakewood-Website for binding information and Facebook for entertainment!

Our direct Facebook address is



For purposes of uncomplicated uploading and viewing of video clips, you cannot beat YouTube. Especially for musos, this is a vast archive of songs and visual footage. 
We also have a 'Lakewood channel', on which we feature artists and guitar models. You be the judge whether these are education or entertainment. We wish you much pleasure with the surfing!

Our direct YouTube address is



A great and easy way to show you photography right from the workshop is offered by the platform Instagram. A wonderful service that we are happy to use for posting images about nice Customshop guitars or interesting workshop pictures simply "on the fly".
We are happy if you feel like following us on Instagram with your personal account.

Our direct Instagram link is